At present, many industries are the use of stainless steel. In addition to common industries and marine buildings, the use of family home equipment is additionally increasing. Although stainless metal is extra high priced than low -carbon steel, its incredible overall performance can lengthen the
2023/05/15 16:31
According to the facts of the factory, at this stage, our factory's aluminum sheet stock is one ton, which is flat in contrast with March. In April 2023, the manufacturing of aluminum plates of the manufacturing unit was once 100,000 tons, an make bigger of 3.78%month -on -month, an make bigger of
2023/05/15 16:30
In April 2023, the charge of  carbon steel plate shocked. This month, the fee of carbon steel plate fell with the rate of carbon steel. The market consumption used to be no longer as suitable as expected.On May 8, 2023, the complete manufacturing capability was once 50,000 tons. As the epidemic
2023/05/15 16:22